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The domain name (without content) is available for sale by its owner through Escrow.com. The seller is responsible for escrow fees. All stated prices are final prices.

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We understand that. If you've never bought an aftermarket domain, if it's the very first time you hear about Escrow.com (the latter is typical for non-US citizens), this may hold you back from purchasing the domain name directly from the owner.

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Upper case IVV.ORG
Age 20+ years
Earliest known creation date December 6, 1998
Length 3
Extension org
Category Acronym
Brand Meter 40"

IVV.org has all the characteristics of a great domain


This is a unique brand, easy to type, easy to remember.


Registered back in 1998. An aged domain like ivv.org can improve search engine rankings and boost your brand.


Domains that include search keywords position your brand and boost your search engine presence.

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2. Buyer submits payment to Escrow

3. Seller delivers domain to buyer

4. Buyer approves domain

5. Escrow.com releases payment to seller